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Spine & Sport Military Medical Physical Therapy

Spine & Sport Military Medical Physical Therapy

A Loaded Pack = A Damaged Back

After the Battle: Active Duty & Veterans
Face Health Problems

Soldiers returning from combat have a constellation of health concerns, including physical issues!

This is a population that has unique health care needs that need to be addressed!

Some of the most common physical complaints of returning soldiers cannot be classified into disorders that include: nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, pain and cognitive disturbances such as memory and concentration problems.

It’s a reflection of the duress and intensity of the situation. Soldiers are worn out, hurting and sometimes hard to think straight because of the pain.

This Is Where Spine & Sport Management Can Help You!

Musculoskeletal injuries and pain: Just over half of all active-duty and veterans’ post-deployment health visits address lingering pain in their backs, necks, knees or shoulders. And according to an August study in the Journal of Pain, about 100,000 veterans of the Gulf War nearly 20 years ago have reported chronic muscle pain. Previous research indicated that physical therapy and regular, sustained doctor supervised exercise can help reduce that pain, which doctors encourage to help avoid disability.

Our Promise

At Spine & Sport we honor those that serve and served, by never taking for granted everything they made possible for us all.

The willingness with which our young and brightest are likely to serve their nation are a reflection of how those that came before are treated and appreciated by their nation.

As we express our personal gratitude we must never forget that the highest measure of that appreciation is not simply stated but rather shown.

Our national peace and prosperity are the legacy of the greatest people the world has ever known.

We promise to show our men and women under arms and those that walked their path before the maximum level of respect and appreciation in everything we do!

Thank you for Your Service and now it is time for Us to Serve You!